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You need Kindle Covers for your new eReaders

September 10, 2012 by Ken Johnson | No Comments | Filed in Product Reviews

A lot of people are on-the-go readers and most of us dread carrying a book with us. Many people refer to material on their commute and it’s seemingly impossible to carry a lot of book. E-books are taking on the latest trend and are now used by millions of people all over the globe. These e-books are readable in a laptop or an e-book reader. E-book readers are very easy to carry and have a much longer battery life than most laptops. They have the sole purpose of reading e-books.

These e-book readers need carry cases for their protection. These covers not only offer an easier carrying option but also help in protecting the Kindle or the Nook. Kindle Fire HD Covers are the best ones in the market for you Kindle. These covers not only protect the Kindle from the fire, but they also help it resist dust and moisture. These covers are available in any designs and materials. Leather and polyurethane are used to line these covers which offer amazing durability and protects your Kindle.

These cases are also custom made for the ones who want them and are willing to spend a little more out of the fixed price. It is recommended that you get one of these covers along with your Kindle purchase to assure you have a good reading experience with protection. Kindle Covers available in the market are a little different from the ones we discussed. Thee covers are made to keep the Kindle safe inside a small pouch-like case which hold the Kindles in one steady place. These cases come in various colors and designs.

The main reason to but this cover is the economical price they have to offer, one would not want to spend much on cover just to protect the Kindle from fire when he knows he won’t be encountering any in his routine. These covers also have pockets and sleeves for holding your credit and visiting cards and some of them also fashion an LED in them for easy reading. Even though you won’t have to spend another fifty dollars on these covers, you can definitely expect the same durability and protection for your Kindle. Being light, these cases are easy to carry with their side straps. These covers are also available in waterproof variations as well. These cases are leather and polyurethane lined, but these do not guarantee protection against fire hazards.

For the Nook users, there are plenty of variations of Nook Touch Covers in the market for you. There is an abundance of options for you to choose from whether it’s online or the Nook store for you to buy a cover perfect for you. These covers also have the features we talked about earlier, but they have more designs and colors to choose from. These covers are economical to say the least. Nooks are to be protected and thus these covers serve the purpose perfectly and are also pocket friendly. Ensure protection of your gadget by getting one of these.

Rock Geek Show

August 22, 2012 by Ken Johnson | No Comments | Filed in Product Reviews

We are Rock Geeks and we love Gadgets as you do. Recently, there are a lot of hot selling electronics like Android Tablets and Media Player around.

We get some samples and do the product reviews. Hope we could help you make smart decisions with great deals online.